The Rightful Captain - GinRose

Hiding was hard work. He had been cut off from everyone and everything. Gin didn’t even know what had become of Aizen. He wasn’t even sure how he survived. But he suspected it had something to do with the creep in a hat. It didn’t matter how but he was alive. Struggling in the human world. 

It had given him time to think, to re-plan, recover and train. One sleeve was rolled up and knotted to keep it out of the way. His hand absentmindedly rubbed over the missing limb.  Phantom pain he knew all too well rolled over him. But he could ignore most of it.

Suddenly he found himself near a familiar reiatsu. Many of them in fact. It took a few moments to remember why. But none other then the very group he had help banish long ago. He had seen them during the battle. When he stood next to the false God just like the last time.

A blond head appeared and Gin kept his reiatsu covered. At least as best he could. He was out of practice. He could only hope the captain he had taken the squad from didn’t notice him.



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Squad Three Orgy || SilverSnakeMeat, MarigoldsAndPoetry, Tearful-Cadenza


   Ω One might ask how exactly something like this was happening. Because for everything to happen in the universe, this is definitely one of those things that should not be plausible in the slightest… Otherwise a paradox would occur, creating a worm hole in the fabric of time space destroying everything in it’s rage.

   Some things are just best left not explained or thought about.

   Kira was already on his way of just throwing out of his mind the complications of such circumstances as his lips meshed hotly against another’s teeth teasingly puling at the flesh and nibbling at the soft, inner lining. Finger tips pressing into the back of a slim neck, nape hairs surrounding the digits till finally, Izuru pulled back, breath heavy from the action and the pleasure that began to rise in the slim blond’s chest, making his heart skip. Eyes opened to peer at the small string of saliva that connected him to


   A swallow bobbed the pale throat, and he peered to the side, down at the musical, new third division captain he was straddling, then to his old sitting next to Rose, the supposedly dead captain who had betrayed them what seemed years ago. Where did the couch come from that they were sitting on, where the hell did Gin come from, how the hell did another him get here, why the fuck were they on top of their captains, reaching over and making out?

   Some things were definitely best left unquestioned, and for once, Kira was happy to just go with the flow on this one as he looked back to his twin.

   Coming forward once more, the hand pulled the lookalike to meet him halfway, pressing lips together once more as his free hand tentatively braced himself on Rose’s shoulder, clutching it as he shifted in his lap, focusing on, well, himself.

   Did that make him selfish?

   The blond really needed to stop thinking about this.

Gin knew better then to ever question God let alone the universe or forces he couldn’t understand. This was either a trip he never expected or some blessing bestowed upon him. Either way he wouldn’t complain. How could he? His dear pet in his lap, lips on another that looks just like him. And the lovely form next to him of the squads past captain? Or was it future? 

He stopped questioning it. If anything, Gin was a man that took advantage of a situation. There were simply too many ideas rolling in his head already dealing with all three of them. This night wouldn’t end until every one of his new found fetishes had been unleashed. 

While his pet had his lips busy, Gin took it upon himself to join. The blond next to him was soon pulled closer and lips forced to be locked together. Hand slipped on his pet’s hips and pushed upwards. This was all nearly too much pleasure. 

There was a mental note to make sure the captains switched partners. Gin craved a taste of the other Izuru’s flesh. They were the same but oh so different. Every idea in his head was more selfish then the last. Two Izurus at once? Thank Aizen.

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  • Couldn’ ask fer a betta replacement~
  • We could make beautiful music~
  • Bet ya ‘ave a lovely singin’ voice~
  • Na ta loud bu’ na to soft
  • Could ‘ave ya bent ova yar desk as Izuru walks in
  • Long hair is fun ta pull
  • Ya seem like ya would be inta a few intertin’ kinks
  • Want to find out what they are
  • Why are we still talking?
  • Pants should be off


  • Pants are still on
  • Ya ain’ singin’ yet
{Probably going to call you snakemeat until the end of time tbh}



if i could swing a really big sword it wouldnt even matter if anyone loved me or not

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"The brain can get sick too." 

End mental health stigma.

APSY 338: Abnormal Psychology👌
This shit is real.


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  • Sexy~
  • Foxes enjoy the taste of peacocks
  • I bet yar real kinky
  • Gonna give ya a reason ta cover yar neck
  • dat ass


  • Are there any?

Send me ⊕ for a pro and con list about our characters sleeping together


  • I can do anythin’ ta ya without care
  • If ya die, oh well
  • I’d enjoy turning yar tattoos red


  • Please die mutt
  • Ya smell
  • The fuck is with that pineapple hair?