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Head Canon

Gin sings this when he’s board. Mostly around Las Noches but has been seen dancing on poles in Soul Society late at night. 


If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me?

And if I seem DANGEROUS, would you be scared?

I get the ƒєєℓιηg just because—

Everything I touch isn’t dark enough.

(Source: quimedicus--archive)

Death and Mischief



Such a playful being. He certainly was brave, no dispute in that. However, it was a spark of intrigue when the silver haired one spoke his title. The God had heard of their folklore, considering the countless volumes he’d consumed over the centuries. "Well well well, this is a day of prosperity indeed." Oh how his smirk curled those cold lips. A glint in his eye did recognize the devious aura which cloaked his newest friend.


 To strike fear and collect souls of the living. A dastardly way to persist through the afterlife. The words spoken as if he were reciting poetry. His posture straight, a gesture of his hand before the introduction. "This is a delightful pleasure, Ichimaru Gin." A pause to give a subtle nod. ”I am Loki. God of Mischief- as some might say~” 

Already Gin was falling under the allure of such a man. No, he was so much more then a mere man. He radiated power and demand respect with a single look. Even the tone of his voice, turning a few simple words into a wonderfully deceptive poem. 


Then is all became clear. This creature was nothing short of a God. It would figure the fox was drawn to yet another Lord. 

Let meh guess…yar not pleased controlin’ one realm…

It didn’t deter him. It interested him more. Taking a few steps closer, Gin gave a proper bow befitting a God. Only it still held the mocking smile of the fox. He wouldn’t be himself if he was too formal. Sarcasm dripped from his words.

"God of Mischief~? I guess ma title is gone~ I can’t compare ta a true God. Ya ‘ave perfect timin’. I’ve recently…had a disagreement with ma last God~"



What is a Ǧ̼̟̅ͦ͆̌ͭ̀o̴͙̤̝͐̎d̪̳̺̠͉̦̝͉ͩ̍ͯͪ͛ͧ͊̑͌̕

          to a


Sends over a vase of fingernails over a hollowed out heart. Containing three flowers: an Orange Rose, a Violet and a Geranium.
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What a special treat. No other would give the snake such a delightfully goreish gift. With care Gin brought it into his room to give the gift a special place next to his bed. He adored the man that made lavish organs for him. They shared a love for inner beauty. Just like every other treat he had receive, this one would be cherished. Perhaps even more so from the work and thought put into it. 

The snake had become so spoiled. 

There was no way for his only friend in Las Noches to top himself this time. If the mad scientist was trying to seduce the right hand of the Lord, he was doing a good job.  



funny thing about hurt people is they tend to hurt people

[Can you picture it?

Aizen singing this to Gin. Luring him into the darkness. Knowing about Gin’s plans to kill him and slowly making him unable to carry them out. Darkness is beautiful. Gin feel under the spell. Seduced by the secrets darkness held. The promises it gave.]

Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light’
'Only then can you belong to me.'
'Touch me. Trust me.'

[Aizen had to possess Gin in order to control him.]




♥ + me

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  1. You are a wonderful Izuru and I think you nail his hardships perfectly.
  2. Honestly I love your twist to him with him being trans. It gives a fun flavor.
  3. In all my time RPing, you are only the second Izuru that has clicked with my Gin. And I fucking love it.
  4. Gin still wants those pictures of Izuru’s chest.
  5. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds! 
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Knows what Izuru means by throwing such flower…and intends to keep it that way. Can not let the flower of squad three be turned into a farce. 

peony and rose (orange) because i'm bored and this seems fun.
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[Sweeney Sousuke and Gin Lovett Tbh]

[Phantom Aizen and Gin Daaé tbh]